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Dogs Love This More Than Just About Anything — And It’s a Health Ally

Dogs go crazy over this treat. As catnip is to a cat, this is to a dog. And it helps a key organ system more than you think. But watch out for these caveats that affect certain dogs, existing health issues and more.

best dog bones


  • If you’re looking for dog bones for your pet, raw recreational bones are the best choice
  • Raw recreational bones are very tasty, provide mental stimulation and exercise for your dog’s jaws, and they also help to control dental plaque and tartar
  • There are many sizes of raw recreational bones; it’s extremely important to get the right type and size for your dog
  • Be very careful not to offer bones that are too small, as they can put your dog at risk of dental damage, choking or intestinal obstruction
  • Be sure to follow common sense safety guidelines when offering raw recreational bones to your dog

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