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One of the World's Smartest Dogs, Made by Crossing Two Breeds

Who knows if the breeders who created this ultra-smart pup knew what they were doing when they chose these 2 breeds. They ended up with not only a loving, affectionate & smart dog, they also created one of the most sought-after breeds who make wonderful additions to both families & individuals.



  • Entering the scene only in the last few decades, Aussiedoodles quickly became one of the most sought-after breeds, mainly because as a companion dog they make wonderful additions to families and individuals and can still be found through doodle rescues
  • Breeding Australian shepherds with poodles will inevitably introduce a wide range of physical differences in their pups, which can mean the Aussiedoodle’s size as well as color combinations can vary widely
  • Attributes used to describe Aussidoodles include loving, affectionate, fun and playful, but they’re also adaptable, energetic and enjoy lots of activity and exercise
  • Being the product of two different dog breeds, Aussidoodles may carry one or more of the genetic problems common to both sets of parents, but other physical problems are common only to poodles and Aussies

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