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How to Silence Your Dog’s Obsessive Barking

Some dogs are so loud their owners consider moving to appease the neighbors. But before you go to that extreme, here's the smart, simple and often overlooked way to silence your noisy dog - just follow these 7 words consistently. And finally, you'll have peace with your neighbors.

dog barking habit


  • Puppy barks are beyond cute; adult dog barks, not so much
  • Barking is a natural canine behavior, so if you have a dog who likes to bark a lot, the goal is not to punish barking, but to reward silence
  • It’s best to nip puppy barking early, but even older dogs can be trained not to bark excessively
  • Crate training, plenty of exercise, a consistent daily routine and ongoing socialization can also be very beneficial in helping your dog break the barking habit

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