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These Dogs Are Stealing People’s Hearts — If You Don’t Have One yet, Head to Your Local Shelter

They started as an effort to create a hypoallergenic breed. Though that didn't succeed, the resulting breeds were good-natured, fun-loving, mild-tempered and over-bred. And became so wildly popular that you now see them everywhere - maybe even in your home?

doodle dogs


  • Doodle dogs originated with a cross between a standard or miniature poodle and a Labrador, with the appropriate name of labradoodle
  • Just like humans, doodle dogs can take on any one or several combinations of characteristics depending on the breed they’re progeny of; that is, part poodle mixed with Labrador, golden retriever, Aussie or other doodle mix
  • Some people have been told that doodle dogs are hypoallergenic, but while some dogs produce fewer allergens than others, every dog has them, since they reside in dander, aka dead skin cells, saliva and urine
  • As with any breed, whether a mix or purebred dog, buyers must beware, as doodles include the goldendoodle, Aussiedoodles, borderdoodles, golden mountain doodles, maltipoos, schnoodles, affenpoos and jackipoos, all of which can be found in abundance at local animal shelters and rescue organizations

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