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The TLC Your Pet Yearns for During Her Last Weeks and Days on Earth

It's sad for both you and your pet. But you'll be glad knowing you did these things to bring her maximum comfort and were a blessing during her final days on earth. After all, she's been a devoted companion for years. Here's how she'd like to be comforted during these trying days.

winding down webinar


  • It’s tough to think about your pet’s life coming to an end, but as your dog’s or cat’s guardian, I know you want to make sure she’s comfortable and at peace during her final days
  • Just as you’ve provided good health and a good life for your pet, you’ll want to provide her a good end of life as well; the best way to do this is to be aware of what to look for and have a plan
  • My Winding Down webinar covers many of the difficult topics involved in the death of a pet, including what to expect from her aging body, when and how to transition from preventive to comfort care and the dying process

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