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How to Support a Dying Animal

It's a difficult subject to think about, but believe it or not, supporting your pet in death can be as rewarding as giving him a wonderful life. Listen as Dr. Becker talks with Dr. Bittel, an animal hospice expert and integrative veterinarian, about options in end-of-life care for animal companions.

animal hospice care

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  • Dr. Ella Bittel is a holistic veterinarian with a passion for older and special needs animals, including pets reaching the end of their lives. She is also an expert in hospice care for animals, and other end-of-life issues
  • Dr. Bittel’s interest in hospice care arose from the death of her own dog, Momo, who passed naturally in her arms. Dr. Bittel realized that what some animals need as they transition from life to death is not euthanasia, but excellent comfort care and the calm presence of their family
  • Preparing for your pet’s passing while the animal is still well is Dr. Bittel’s strongest recommendation to caregivers. It is through preparation, which can include hospice care, that guardians learn to cope with often overwhelming feelings of fear and grief when anticipating or experiencing the loss of an animal loved one
  • While end-of-life care often entails a whirlwind of activity while adjusting to the frequently changing needs of the animal, it is also important to take the time to just be with it, simply offering our full presence
  • Spirits in Transition is Dr. Bittel’s website, which offers a wealth of information about options in end-of-life care for animal companions. She also offers in-depth online classes through the site and at times presents live weekend seminars as well to help caregivers learn the art of supporting a dying animal

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