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Forget Harsh Chemicals — These Oils Deter Pests Like Armor

With tick-borne diseases set to soar this year, you must be on the alert, especially over the summer months. Forget DEET though. It's toxic and often ineffective. Instead, mix this up. Your pet will love you for it, and you'll enjoy the delightful scent too.

fleas ticks seasonal allergies

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  • This is a recap of my second Facebook Live session, and “spring has sprung” topics (fleas, ticks, seasonal allergies) are the focus
  • I discuss why I don’t recommend brewer’s yeast or garlic pills to control pests, and ways to protect your pet from external parasites without loading up on chemical preventives
  • I also share my special recipes for all-natural pest deterrent sprays for dogs and cats, and my secret weapon for providing tremendous relief to dogs with red, itchy, irritated paws
  • Other springtime topics discussed include supplements for pets with seasonal allergies, dietary considerations and the importance of checking for ticks and tick-borne disease

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