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Your Tiny Fluff Ball’s First 5 Weeks — 5 Big Milestones You Don’t Want to Miss

What a difference a few short weeks can make! By the grand old age of 5 weeks, your fluff ball has been through so many changes it can make your head spin. Do you know what they are? You'll want to, so you understand your new tiny family member and can talk intelligently with your vet.

5 kitten milestones


  • New kitten parents are often very curious about what to expect as their pet grows from a tiny ball of fluff into a regal adult cat
  • There are five major milestones in the life of a kitten that occur from birth through the fifth week of life
  • These are general age-related milestones. It’s important to remember that each kitty develops at his or her own pace based on several factors, including breed

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