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A Hidden Vaccine Side Effect That Many Pet Owners (and Vets) Never Suspect

If I see an animal with this increasingly common condition, I advise the owner to avoid revaccination. Sadly, the traditional veterinary community doesn't know of this link, so it may be up to you to be the 'expert' or your pet's survival may be at risk.

autoimmune disease dogs


  • Veterinarians are diagnosing an increasing number of autoimmune diseases in dogs
  • Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the immune system mistakes the body’s own organs for foreign invaders and attacks them
  • Holistic veterinarians have been aware of the link between vaccines and autoimmune disorders for decades; however, the traditional veterinary community has yet to come around
  • Any dog with an autoimmune disease should be suspicious for over-vaccination and should never be vaccinated again
  • Once your dog has completed his puppy series of vaccines, there is a good chance his body will maintain immunity to these diseases for life

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