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The 5 Most Dramatic Dog Breeds, Hand-Picked by Veterinarians

Some of the most lovable dogs are ones that have a bit of dramatic flair in their personality. If you own one of these breeds, you might refer to her as your 'drama queen' or as a 'comical attention hog.' Your list might be different, but these are the winners as seen by veterinarians.

dramatic dog breeds


  • Some of the most lovable dogs are the ones with a bit of dramatic flair in them, using noisiness, stubbornness or occasional irritability to get their way
  • It doesn’t matter if a dog is small like a Chihuahua or has short legs like a Dachshund, big personalities run in large and small canines
  • With every not-so-great trait, every breed comes with even more positive qualities, such as unconditional love, companionship and lots of fun

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