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Here's an Odd Sign of Heart Disease You Don't Want to Ignore

If you're not familiar, you may be stunned by its sudden onset and major intensity. All of its strange symptoms point to just one thing. So if you see any of them, get your pet to medical care with all due haste, because this one is a true medical emergency.

saddle thrombus

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  • Saddle thrombus is a very serious condition that occurs more often in cats than dogs and is alternately called feline aortic thromboembolism (FATE)
  • The "saddle" is the point in the abdomen at which the aorta splits into two arteries to supply the back legs with blood flow; a saddle thrombus is a blood clot that typically lodges in the wedge at the top of the saddle
  • Symptoms of FATE involve one or both rear legs, which turn cold and hard as the muscles and nerves swell due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. An affected pet may drag one or both hind legs and cry out in pain
  • Saddle thrombus is a life-threatening medical emergency. Pets who survive typically require a great deal of nursing care until they are mobile again, and unfortunately, recurrence is common
  • A very encouraging alternative treatment for saddle thrombus is medicinal leeching. I also advise long-term ubiquinol supplementation for all heart patients, and nattokinase for FATE patients to help prevent future blood clots

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