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Here's Proof Your Pet Probably Doesn't Need This Vaccine

The law demands it. But is this law based on actual science or some kind of arbitrary black-and-white policy made by legislators in fancy chairs in state capitals? If you have any doubt, you'll be stunned by this study showing that this test group didn't need it.

overdue rabies vaccine


  • Thankfully, the veterinary community has issued new guidelines for the handling of pets overdue for a rabies booster who are exposed to the virus
  • The revised guidelines recommend that cats and dogs exposed to rabies who are overdue for a vaccine be given a booster shot followed by an observation period
  • Currently, the law in many states requires rabies-exposed pets to be quarantined for several months at great financial expense to the owner, or euthanized
  • The new guidelines will hopefully be adopted by states and counties across the U.S., and sooner rather than later

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