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Antifreeze-Like Ingredient Found in Pet Treats’ Latest Recall

It's considered one of the least toxic of its kind, and is used in 'pet safe' antifreezes. Cats are particularly sensitive, so it's banned in cat foods, but it can also poison dogs. Destroys red blood cells and causes many nervous system problems including seizures and coma.

propylene glycol pet food


  • Recently, a brand of commercial cat treats was recalled due to the presence of low levels of propylene glycol, a chemical the FDA has banned for use in cat food and treats
  • Even a small amount of propylene glycol can cause a condition called Heinz body hemolytic anemia in cats
  • Toxic levels for propylene glycol in dogs have not been established, and unfortunately, many processed pet foods and treats contain this chemical
  • The only foolproof way to protect your pet from propylene glycol is to prepare fresh, whole, species-appropriate meals for your dog or cat, or purchase a fresh food diet from a company you trust

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