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Weird Things That Dogs Do — And Why They Do Them

Chances are your dog does one or more of these quirky things and in turn, you've wondered, 'Why on earth is he doing this?' There's a good reason behind each of these strange canine habits, and two of them likely includes a message intended specially for you.

curious dog behaviors


  • If you’ve ever wondered about some of your dog’s quirky habits, here we explain 4 of the most common, and offer suggestions for curbing bothersome behaviors
  • Some dogs take their food out of the bowl and drop it on the floor before eating it. This could be a food-preference issue, or it could mirror wild canine behavior
  • Dogs who are chronic grass eaters may need a more biologically appropriate diet and perhaps a visit to the veterinarian to rule out an underlying health problem
  • If your dog kicks up grass after he poops, it’s not as silly as it looks. He’s covering his mess, and he’s also marking his territory by scraping the ground with his paws
  • There may be nutritional and/or behavioral reasons behind the gross habit of poop-eating that many dogs engage in

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