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Afghan Hound: One of the Quirkiest Dog Breeds You’ll Ever Meet

One of their unique traits is their propensity for theft, including swiping food from right under your nose. They've been known to push their owners out of bed, and other antics. They're independent, but not dumb. They just need some firm, gentle handling.

afghan hound


  • The Afghan hound is one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. He is a sighthound whose natural talents help him excel at hunting, racing, lure coursing, and as a watchdog
  • Afghans require gentle, firm, and consistent handling and training. They aren’t typically motivated by food, and don’t have a strong drive to please their humans like other breeds
  • The Afghan’s spectacular coat and regal bearing have earned him the title “king of dogs.” Prospective guardians should be clear about the extreme maintenance required to keep the Afghan’s coat in good condition
  • The Afghan, who was bred to be more independent and less eager to please, is not less intelligent than dogs bred to work closely with humans. However, she will likely require more patience when it comes to learning and following commands

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