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Meet Flossie, Officially the World's Oldest Cat

Equivalent to 120 human years, Flossie is not only a world record holder, but she's outlived two of her previous three owners. Now with her fourth and final guardian, see how she's acclimating to her new forever home.

World's Oldest Cat


  • The world’s oldest cat, 27-year-old Flossie, lives in the U.K. with her fourth and final guardian, who adopted the then 26-year-old cat when owner number three could no longer care for her
  • Flossie’s hearing and vision aren’t what they once were, but she’s an otherwise healthy cat, and sometimes even kittenish!
  • Senior cats can make wonderful companions, especially for people who don’t want to ride out the rowdy “kitten stage”
  • Adopting a senior cat also means you’ll be saving a life, because older cats are among the hardest pets for shelters to place
  • To help them fully enjoy their golden years, it’s important to provide older cats with more frequent wellness exams, a stress-free environment, the right diet and supplement protocol, and physical and mental stimulation

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