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Talking Buttons That Allow Your Dog to 'Speak'

We know that dogs and other animals can understand the words we say, but we just can't converse back and forth. That may soon change with this new AIC device with customizable talking buttons and tiles, which has already catapulted one dog, Bunny, to fame on social media.

talking dog buttons


  • Talking dog buttons are a form of augmentative interspecies communication (AIC) devices, which aim to help nonhuman animals communicate in language-like ways
  • They involve sound boards with buttons, each of which plays a word, such as “outside,” “food” or “play,” when pressed
  • One dog, Bunny, has become famous on social media for using an AIC device developed by FluentPet
  • The system groups hexagon-shaped tiles with buttons into categories, such as places, social words such as greetings, action words and descriptors, such as adjectives
  • Most dogs can be taught how to successfully use the buttons to communicate their wants, needs and even more complex thoughts — like “love you” — to their owners

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