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The Key to Giving Older Pets a Second Chance at Life

Many older pets with chronic health issues are relinquished, making these animals more likely to spend their remaining days confined in a shelter. This nonprofit animal welfare charity has discovered a way to get these unfortunate pets back out into new loving homes, creating a win-win for all.

SPCA Palliative Care Program


  • In Nova Scotia, Canada, the SPCA is finding homes for older dogs with medical issues through the genius of their Palliative Care Program
  • The Palliative Care Program covers all the medical costs for dogs who qualify; the only requirement of foster families is that they provide a loving home and the basics
  • Many dogs relinquished to Nova Scotia’s SPCA shelters due to age and/or health issues go on to live their best lives after their medical needs are addressed and they’re placed in loving foster homes

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