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8 Sounds Your Cat Uses to Communicate

Chances are if you share your home with a feline, you've heard most if not all of these vocalizations, but do you know what they mean? While cats may make more than 21 different sounds, these eight are the ones you are most likely to hear.

sounds your cat uses to communicate


  • If you have feline family members, you know that cats have a rather extensive oral repertoire — at least 21 different vocalizations, according to research
  • Some family cats naturally meow more than others, and often their humans inadvertently or intentionally encourage them to be vocal
  • There are several different types of feline vocalizations, and it’s important to know what’s normal for your cat
  • There are a number of feline disorders that can cause an increase (or in some cases, a decrease) in vocalization, so a sudden or dramatic change in the frequency or loudness of your kitty’s cries should prompt a visit to your veterinarian

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