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7 Things to Consider at the End of Your Pet's Life

How do you know when it's time to say goodbye? As pets get older, the human-animal bond gets stronger, so it only becomes more difficult to make that final decision. This 7-point scale can help you know when it's time to stop asking your pet to bear the burden of living and unbridle his body.

pet hospice


  • It’s extremely difficult to think about the impending death of a pet — so difficult, in fact, that it’s tempting to simply block all thoughts of it; however, it’s important to understand your options when your animal companion enters the end-of-life stage
  • Pet hospice, or “pawspice,” can be a safe space between the thought of euthanasia and the final act of euthanasia for pets who still have a quality of life
  • It’s important to constantly monitor end-of-life pets using a quality-of-life scale developed by pawspice pioneer Dr. Alice Villalobos; it’s also important for pet hospice staff to help owners understand when their dying companion has been pushed far enough
  • The gift of euthanasia helps pets experience a good quality death

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