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Today We're Honoring Our Feline Friends

Welcome to National Cat Day! Each year we honor and celebrate the joy and love our kitties bring to our lives, but it's also a time to remember the countless cats who end up sitting in shelters, waiting for their forever homes. Know the many reasons why felines make the perfect pets.

today were honoring our feline friends


  • Welcome to National Cat Day 2022!
  • The purpose of this special day, which occurs each year on October 29th, is to honor and celebrate our feline friends, and send out a reminder to cat fans everywhere that countless kitties find themselves homeless each year
  • Cats make wonderful pets because they have the ability to adapt to their human’s needs and lifestyle
  • Cats are also easy to house (litterbox) train, handle most grooming chores themselves, and can give their humans space when needed without pouting

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