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Today We're Honoring Our Feline Friends

Welcome to National Cat Day! Each year we honor and celebrate the joy and love our kitties bring to our lives, but it's also a time to remember the countless cats who end up sitting in shelters, waiting for their forever homes. Know the many reasons why felines make the perfect pets.

today were honoring our feline friends


  • Welcome to National Cat Day 2022!
  • The purpose of this special day, which occurs each year on October 29th, is to honor and celebrate our feline friends, and send out a reminder to cat fans everywhere that countless kitties find themselves homeless each year
  • Cats make wonderful pets because they have the ability to adapt to their human’s needs and lifestyle
  • Cats are also easy to house (litterbox) train, handle most grooming chores themselves, and can give their humans space when needed without pouting

Taking notice of the many days set aside each year to celebrate their canine counterparts (e.g., National Dog Day, National Mutt Day, National Puppy Day, etc.), back in 2005, cats around the globe put their furry little heads together and decided it was time to demand a special day of their own.

Today is that day, National Cat Day, which is celebrated each year on October 29th (August 8th in Canada). The purpose of the day is not only to give kitties their due, but also to bring awareness to the number of cats who need rescue each year, and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the felines in their lives. From the National Today website:

"Cats remind us that just when you think they’ve lost interest in you, they’ll turn around and melt your heart.
When it appears they’re too busy staring out at passing cars, chasing nylon mice, and sending tiny multi-colored balls to their under-the-refrigerator graves, they’ll somehow let you know that their very world revolves around you. Just wait. It’ll happen when you least expect it. Cats have their own timetable."1

Like dogs, our kitty companions are affected by everything we do. They sense our moods and emotions and respond accordingly. Feline family members often give up many of their natural instincts and behaviors to peacefully cohabitate with us, so why not take a few minutes on this special day to appreciate the unconditional love and companionship your cat offers?

Why Felines May Be the Perfect Pets

You may not have noticed, but unlike dogs, cats follow their human’s lead when it comes to how much involvement they have with each other.2 For example, some cat owners prefer a lot of interaction with their pet; others don’t have much time to devote or simply prefer less interaction.

Kitties are quite adaptable to their person’s needs in this regard and fall into step easily with whatever pace the owner sets. They do this without complaint, and their independent self-sufficient nature helps them get along without a need for the same level of interaction canine family members require.

Research also shows that when a cat interacts with her human, she can pick up on her owner’s sadness or anxiety. She then reacts by increasing her communication signals — perhaps rubbing against the owner more aggressively or meowing loudly. This strong reaction is obvious to the cat owner. It’s comforting to know a loved one, whether on two legs or four, has noticed you don’t feel well and shows concern for your welfare.

In a 2007 study,3 researchers demonstrated that cats form attachments to their owners in much the same way infants attach to their mothers (or fathers). When their humans were in the room with them, the kitties in the study were more relaxed and willing to explore an unfamiliar environment.

5 More Reasons Cats Make Great Pets

  1. Housebreaking is a no-brainer — Just place a litterbox with clean litter in an out-of-the-way spot in your home, show your cat where it is, and she’ll take it from there.
  2. Your cat’s a clean freak, too — No need to worry about a dirty, smelly kitty rolling around on your carpet or furniture. Healthy felines keep themselves clean from head to toe.
  3. No guilt trips — Unlike your dog who will drop his tail and look all despondent when you can’t stop what you’re doing to play with him, if you need to put your kitty off for a bit, she’ll wander away, not seeming to mind, and curl up in a comfy spot for a power nap.
  4. Have carrier, will travel — Most kitties pretty much despise trips in the car and visits to the vet, but if you have a cat carrier, it’s a whole lot easier to get an unwilling 12 pound cat from point A to point B than an uncooperative 50 or 60 pound pooch.
  5. Winter’s coming — As most folks owned by cats can attest, there’s nothing that compares to the coziness of a kitty curled up in your lap, or wrapped around your neck, or perched atop your head as you recline in your favorite easy chair — or stretched out down the length of your legs as you fall asleep in bed at night.

If you’re thinking about adding a feline to your family, please skip the pet stores and backyard breeders. Visit your local animal shelters and cat rescue organizations to find the perfect adult cat or kitten for your family. You can also go to and search for available kitties in your area.

Despite their popularity as family pets, only 2% to 5% of all cats turned in to shelters are reclaimed by their owners, and over half the cats in shelters never find new families and are euthanized. There are wonderful, deserving cats of all ages in every city and state waiting hopefully for a chance to fit perfectly into a home and family of their own.

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