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8 Ways Your Dog's Personality Can Change Over Time

Human personalities can change as people go through life, so why would dogs be any different? According to this survey of owners of over 1,600 dogs, dogs' personalities can evolve to a surprisingly large degree. Know which dogs are more - and less - likely to experience these eight changes.

dogs personality can change over time


  • A 2019 large-scale study of dog parents suggests that like humans, dogs’ personalities change — often significantly — as they grow older
  • One of the most important findings of the study was that dogs’ responsiveness to training increases steadily from puppyhood, peaks at six to eight years, and then begins a gradual decline during which it’s still possible to “teach an old dog new tricks”
  • Another finding is that attendance at obedience classes is associated with more positive personality traits throughout a dog’s life
  • Dog guardians should be aware of and prepare for not only the physical changes that come with aging, but also potential behavioral changes

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