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4 Ways You May Be Stealing Your Dog's Joy

Pet parents are often guilty of making these mistakes, which include not respecting their dog's basic needs and robbing him of the pleasure involved with one of life's most important activities. It's easy to fall into these patterns - are you aware that you may be doing it, too?

dog walking mistakes


  • Dog walks are one of the most important activities we engage in with canine family members; dogs need and love to take walks and derive huge benefits from them
  • Just as some dogs, for a variety of reasons, are difficult to walk, some pet parents could improve their skills as well
  • Common dog walking mistakes by humans include not allowing your pet opportunities to sniff, ignoring her, multi-tasking during walks and choosing the wrong type of leash, harness or collar
  • Another mistake is not taking advantage of different types of dog walks to keep things interesting for both of you

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