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Moringa: This Versatile Leafy Veggie Has Superfood Powers

With small, rounded leaves packed with nutrients and phytochemicals, this vegetable has grown in popularity in recent years because of its healing properties. Here's how it can benefit your pet's health.

can you feed moringa to your pet


  • Moringa is called “the miracle tree” because of its diverse nutritional profile and health benefits
  • It’s an excellent source of bioactive compounds, including flavonoids and phenolic acids that have a wide range of pharmacological properties
  • Moringa also exhibits high superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity; SOD is a powerful enzyme responsible for eliminating free radicals in your pet’s body
  • You can use fresh or lightly cooked moringa leaves as a topper to your pet’s nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate homemade meal, or as an ingredient to a homemade pet treat recipe

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