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how to make your cat feel loved
Tips & Advice

8 Ways to Help Your Cat Feel Loved

Cats are different from dogs, and even from each other, meaning the way to your cat's heart is a unique path. How do you find the way so your cat will feel truly loved and cared for? With a little time, attention and outside-the-box thinking, it can happen.
6 min read
diabetic pet
Tips & Advice

Does Having a Diabetic Pet Raise Your Risk for Diabetes?

Research shows that owners of dogs with diabetes are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than owners of dogs without diabetes. Why is that? Many dogs and their owners share certain behavioral, health and other lifestyle factors, but could the 'sharing' of gut health play a role, too?
5 min read
kibble processing
Tips & Advice

Here's What Kibble Processing Does to Fresh Food

Raw food contains all its original nutrients, but when high heat is applied for the extrusion of kibble, the molecular structure of proteins change, as well as the nutritional content of the food. Researchers decided to find out if adding fresh chicken meat to the mix would help.
7 min read
understanding rabbit body language
Tips & Advice

Understanding the Third Most Popular Pet — Is He Happy?

Much different to read than cats and dogs, these affectionate pets have their own body language to let you know when they are content and when they are feeling out of sorts, or afraid, stressed or anxious. Your ability to bond with this pet depends largely on your ability to understand him.
4 min read
authoritative pet parents
Tips & Advice

How Your Pet Parenting Style Shapes Your Dog's Behavior

Just as the way humans parent their children is an important factor in a child's development & mental health, the bond between dog parents and their pets influences canine behavior. What's your pet parenting style and how is it shaping your dog's responsiveness, attachment and puzzle-solving skills?
7 min read
canine transmissible venereal tumor
Tips & Advice

How Tumor Cells Can Spread Between Dogs

Male dogs are at greater risk for this infectious malignancy, in which living tumor cells can physically transplant themselves from one dog to another through the nose, mouth, skin and genitals. While rare in most countries, here's how it is diagnosed and treated.
7 min read
feline chronic kidney disease
Tips & Advice

2 Ways to Beat the Odds Against Feline Kidney Disease

More than half of cats 10 years and older have chronic kidney disease, and there are two potential triggers that you can control. If your kitty has already developed kidney disease, know one of the biggest mistakes you can make, even though it's recommended by many veterinarians.
7 min read
flea season
Tips & Advice

Flea Season Is Around the Corner — What's Your Strategy?

It's never too early to start planning your defense strategy for the 2023 pest season. Know the foods to feed now to make your pet less inviting to pests later. And because what you find on your pet makes up only about 5% of the fleas in your living environment, stock up on these in advance.
7 min read