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Kiki’s Journey to Her Forever Home

Kiki, a shy and malnourished stray, struggled to adjust after being adopted, but with patience and love, she found her place in a new, caring family.

kikis journey to her forever home

Kiki, once a shy and malnourished stray, had a rough start when adopted. Her new family faced challenges as she struggled to adjust, but they remained patient and loving. Following the "3-3-3 rule" for pet adjustment, Kiki gradually warmed up, revealing her playful and affectionate personality. Her unique underbite and endearing quirks, like her tongue flopping out when she's relaxed, make her all the more special. Over time, Kiki has become an irreplaceable part of the family, providing comfort and joy. This heartwarming story highlights the rewards of perseverance and the unconditional love that rescue pets bring into our lives.


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