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Can Your Cat Actually Recognize Your Voice?

Uncover the truth about your feline's ability to recognize and react to your distinct voice.

can cats recognize their owners voice


  • A recent study shows that big cats (e.g., lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars) have the remarkable ability to distinguish familiar from unfamiliar human voices
  • When tested, the cats responded more quickly, intensely, and for longer durations to familiar vs. unfamiliar voices
  • According to the researchers, the cats’ ability to tell the difference between familiar and unfamiliar human voices could have significant implications for their welfare and interactions with caregivers
  • A 2022 study demonstrated that pet cats respond most intensely to their humans’ (but not strangers’) “kitty voices” vs. their normal voices
  • A study published in 2013 revealed that your favorite feline shares over 95% of his or her DNA with tigers, despite having split apart on the evolutionary tree almost 11 million years ago

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