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Overcoming Stress: The Path to Feline Zen

Discover the secrets to a tranquil life for your feline friends. From the calming effects of specific scents to the joy of play, find out how simple, natural strategies can dramatically reduce stress levels in cats, fostering happier, healthier pets.

reducing stress in cats


  • A groundbreaking study concluded that healthy cats can behave as if they're sick when their routine is altered, and they feel stressed as a result; there's a scientific explanation behind the often-used phrase "stress kills"
  • Many of the things you find stressful also feel stressful to your kitty; in addition, there are things you might not be aware of that can also contribute to your cat feeling out of control and highly stressed
  • Unlike a human, your cat can't de-stress with a hot yoga class or meditation; stress management for your cat involves providing her with a feline-friendly living situation
  • You can use your cat's five senses to create an environment and lifestyle for her that helps relieve stress and encourages vibrant health and a long life

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