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Cat Vomit Clues: When to Call the Vet

That puddle on the floor might be more telling than you think. With an array of causes from the mundane to the grave, understanding your cat's vomiting is key to safeguarding their health.

why cat vomits


  • There are many underlying reasons that may trigger your cat to throw up, ranging from the mundane, like a hairball, to chronic diseases like feline asthma
  • Irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, parasites, foreign bodies, diet hypersensitivity, constipation and ulcerations can all contribute to vomiting in cats
  • Feline hyperthyroidism can also cause frequent vomiting in cats, as can pancreatitis, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, neurologic diseases, cancer and feline infectious peritonitis
  • The dry hacking cough of feline asthma is also often mistaken for vomiting, leaving some pet parents surprised by an asthma diagnosis
  • It’s important to get to the bottom of your cat’s vomiting to address potentially serious underlying conditions

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