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A Tale of Empowerment and Healing

Deb Teubert's transformative role as a holistic pet health coach extends beyond treating pets; it's about empowering pet owners to explore alternative healing avenues.

complimentary healing modalities

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  • Deb Teubert is an experienced animal holistic health practitioner and certified holistic pet health coach who runs Deb’s Whispering Tails
  • Nominated for a Game Changer Award by Linda M., Teubert has been offering complimentary healing modalities to pets in central Wisconsin for 20 years
  • Teubert studied acupressure and focuses her practice on Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and herbals; she also offers dietary and supplement consultations, photonic light therapy, and essential oil and hydrosol therapy
  • By partnering with people who are open-minded to alternative modalities, Teubert feels she’s able to offer pets increased longevity, more vitality and fewer chronic issues, like torn cranial cruciate ligaments (CCLs), autoimmune conditions and allergies
  • Achieving overall wellness, Teubert says, must encompass the psyche, emotional and physical health, and this is true for pets, too

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