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Sleep Hacks 101: How to Boost Your Dog’s Nighttime Bliss

Disrupted sleep in dogs can be just as challenging for owners as it is for pets. Fortunately, by following these simple tips, sleep problems can usually be successfully resolved.

nighttime anxiety in geriatric dogs


  • Sleep troubles are common in older dogs and can be a sign of underlying illness
  • If your older pup is waking up a lot at night, the first step is a trip to the veterinarian to rule out health conditions like canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome
  • Everything from noise sensitivity and sensory changes to respiratory issues and phobias could be disturbing your dog’s sleep-wake cycle
  • You can help reduce anxiety at night by maintaining a regular routine for meals, walks and bedtime/wake time, along with a calm environment; some dogs also sleep sounder if they’re allowed in their owner’s bedroom
  • Plenty of mental and physical stimulation during the day will help your dog sleep at night, as will a soft, dark, quiet spot to cozy up in at night

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