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The Dangerous Feeding Practice I Can’t Condone

This practice is growing in popularity and I can't understand why. Dogs' and cats' bodies weren't created to survive this way, and depriving them of this basic need could cripple their healing potential and ability to function optimally.

vegetarian or vegan dog diets


  • Both big pet food and vegetarian/vegan pet parents continue their campaign to push misguided, potentially dangerous dietary choices onto dogs in the form of plant-based diets
  • They’re currently championing a recent study that suggests a small group of dogs remained healthy for a year while eating a plant-based kibble
  • As a vegetarian veterinarian, I’m firmly opposed to forcing one’s personal dietary beliefs on other species; while I applaud human omnivores who choose to be vegetarians/vegans, I draw the line at insisting canine carnivores should adopt the same diet
  • Because a dog is able to survive for a year eating a plant-based diet doesn’t mean he’s thriving; for better or worse, dogs are a species able to endure considerable “nutritional abuse” before their bodies begin to show the effects
  • Bottom line: If your personal eating habits or philosophy require that even your pet abide by them, I encourage you to pick a species to care for whose dietary needs are aligned with yours

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