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Winter Woes for Felines: Keeping Your Cat Warm and Safe

Delve into the world of feline comfort during chilly months, uncover tips to safeguard outdoor cats and explore DIY solutions to create cozy shelters for homeless feline friends.

winter woes for felines


  • Cold weather is upon us; are you ensuring your feline family member is staying warm, cozy, and healthy?
  • Cats don’t do well in cold weather and should never be left outdoors; while their individual tolerance for cold varies, virtually all kitties run the risk of hypothermia and frostbite in temperatures below 32°F
  • Cats feel most comfortable when their environment is 86°F to 97°F that’s why they find creative ways to conserve body heat in human-friendly indoor temps of 66°F to 77°F
  • Community cats need our help in cold weather in the form of secure winter shelters, straw bedding, and extra calories and dietary fat

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