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Adding Another Feline to Your Household? Here's What I Recommend

Cats don't tend to fit into 'the more, the merrier' category when it comes to cohabitating. It's very important to properly introduce your new member of the family into your home to avoid negative effects on their behavior, or health.

adding another feline to your family


  • Many people mistakenly assume that two adult cats who are strangers will become buddies living under the same roof
  • Forced to cohabitate, cats who are not socially compatible can become very stressed, which can have a negative effect on their behavior and health
  • Felines are naturally solitary creatures, and even cats who've grown up together can lose their relationship
  • The best approach to building a harmonious multi-cat household is to adopt kitten siblings or unrelated kittens who can establish a bond before they reach the age of social maturity
  • In the case of adult cats, it's very important to properly introduce the new kitty into your home in a way that feels non-threatening to your existing cat

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