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The Type of Music Found Calming to 85% of Dogs

Can you use music to help your dog relax when he's feeling anxious, tense or frightened? This type of music emerged as the clear winner in this shelter of 50 dogs to help them calm down and rest. Not a fan? This other type calmed about 85% of dogs in a home setting and more than half fell asleep.

music calming for dogs


  • When classical music was played in an animal shelter, the dogs spent significantly more of their time quiet and resting than when other types of sounds were played, including heavy metal music, which led to increased barking
  • A separate study found that when classical music was played in animal shelters, the dogs barked less and slept more; when heavy metal music was played, the dogs had more nervous shaking
  • Solo piano music or piano music with simple arrangements calmed about 70% of dogs in a kennel in one study
  • Harp music led to a decline in respiration rates and other visual measures of discomfort, such as restlessness and anxiety, among dogs in a veterinary hospital
  • Pay attention to your dog's behavior when playing calming music to get a feeling of which type he likes best

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