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Training Your Dog To Be the Perfect Walking Partner

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk? Whether your dog is still a pup or fully grown, there are steps you can take to help your pet become the perfect walking partner. Be aware of this mistake that many owners unknowingly make and 10 reasons why I recommend avoiding this popular type of leash.

reasons not to use retractable leash


  • The purpose of using a leash to walk a dog is to keep the animal safe and under the owner's control, and retractable leashes often do the opposite
  • On a retractable leash, your dog can get far enough away from you to either get into trouble or into harm's way; in addition, retractable leashes are responsible for many injuries to both dogs and dog walkers
  • The very nature of retractable leashes trains dogs to pull on the leash to extend the lead
  • The most important thing you can do to set the stage for a lifetime of enjoyable walks is to help your canine family member learn to be the perfect walking partner
  • Dogs who are enjoyable to walk with have learned that loose leads are good, taut leads are not, and pulling against the lead is pointless

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