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Mysterious Genetic Material Found in 6 Brands of Pet Food

Purchased on, these six foods were analyzed using whole genome sequencing. And what this team found hidden in all six products was appalling: undeclared species of both animals and plants. Not only do these pet foods not meet label claims, they pose a potential risk to health.

dna dog food


  • A recent study examining genetic material in six dog food brands revealed the presence of undeclared species of both animals and plants
  • Undeclared inclusions/ingredients in pet food mean that not only is the marketing and labeling of such products false, but more importantly, their presence has the potential to compromise the health of pets who are fed the diets
  • According to earlier studies, pet food is commonly mislabeled, containing ingredients not on the label and/or not containing ingredients listed on the label
  • If you’re fed up with Big Pet Food, there’s no time like the present to begin providing your furry family member with a safe, nutritionally balanced, species-specific fresh diet

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