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The Worst Mistakes You Can Make Regarding Heartworm

I simply don't agree with some of the recommendations out there regarding heartworm prevention for dogs and cats. If you follow the advice from heartworm medication manufacturers - and some vets - you risk poisoning your pet with health-harming chemicals that don't actually prevent anything.



  • The American Heartworm Society, heartworm drug manufacturers, and many conventional veterinarians encourage giving year-round preventives (chemical insecticides with side effects) to every dog and cat, everywhere
  • My alternative recommendation is to assess your pet's actual risk of acquiring heartworms based primarily on where you live, which dictates the mosquito population
  • If you live in an area where mosquitoes are a problem, I recommend working with an integrative veterinarian to develop a sensible preventive protocol to keep your pet safe and healthy
  • It's also important in mosquito-endemic areas to have your pet tested for heartworms and other parasitic diseases at the beginning and again at the end of pest season

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