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8 Signs Your Dog May Be in Pain

Often it can be challenging to 'read' your dog's level of pain, yet there are clues if you pay attention. Thanks to this new research, we now know certain dog breeds are more sensitive to pain than others, and stress and anxiety can make it worse.

signs your dog may be in pain


  • Pet parents and veterinarians often don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to pain sensitivity (pain tolerance) in dogs
  • A recent study from North Carolina State University shows that pain sensitivity does differ by dog breed; however, the study also revealed that a dog's temperament may influence how veterinarians perceive his or her pain sensitivity
  • Veterinarians and their staffs should consider pain-scoring every patient, just as all patients are weighed, have their temperature, pulse, and respiration measured, and their body condition scored
  • Scoring animals who can't tell us their level of pain involves not only careful observation, but also factoring in the pain known to be associated with certain conditions and veterinary procedures
  • One of the major benefits of pain scoring is it raises the level of awareness of everyone in the veterinary clinic who is caring for that patient (and hopefully, lowers the level of subjective decision-making based on a dog's temperament during vet visits)

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