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Garlic: Contrary to Misconceptions, This Is Good for Pets

It's indispensable to many cuisines, imparting powerful flavors and a wide array of health benefits. Many pet parents mistake it as toxic for dogs, but that's a misconception - it's actually beneficial when fed in the right amounts.

can you feed garlic to your pets


  • Garlic gets a bad rap in vet medicine for being in the onion family. But unlike its allium relatives, it's actually safe for dogs because it contains very little thiosulfate, compared to other members of the onion family
  • Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world, traditionally used for therapeutic applications because it exerts various medicinal actions
  • The primary phytochemical in garlic is allicin, which was shown to be beneficial for animal cardiovascular health without causing anemia
  • Fresh garlic is your best option to guarantee that you're getting the highest, most beneficial amount of allicin from this aromatic bulb

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