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One Annoying Tell-Tale Sign of Doggy Dementia

If your dog is 10 years or older, he's at risk for dementia, or canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS). While there are six signs of CCDS to watch out for, this symptom can be one of the most troubling for human companions.

dog dementia


  • If your older dog has trouble sleeping, it could be a sign of dementia, also known as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS)
  • Researchers found that dogs with higher dementia scores and worse performance on a problem-solving task spent less time in NREM and REM sleep
  • Dogs with CCDS may have difficulty sleeping, pace or vocalize at night and may sleep more during the daytime
  • In addition to shorter time spent sleeping, when dogs with CCDS do sleep, their brain activity is closer to wakefulness
  • Adding in more daytime activity may help your dog with CCDS rest at night if sleep troubles are an issue; some dogs also sleep sounder if they’re allowed in their owner’s bedroom

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