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Harmed 66.6% of Pets, yet Veterinarians Still Prescribe Them

According to this survey, two-thirds of 1,594 dogs given this common treatment experienced an adverse event, such as muscle tremors, reduced muscle control, seizures or death. Is your dog or cat taking any of these nine products that are FDA approved and prescribed by veterinarians?

flea tick products


  • In 2018, the FDA issued an alert (updated in 2019 and again in 2021) for flea/tick products containing the chemical insecticide isoxazoline due to the potential for neurologic adverse events in dogs and cats
  • Project Jake, a large-scale survey of veterinarians and pet owners regarding the use of isoxazoline-containing flea/tick products, wrapped up around the same time; the survey results were published in June 2020
  • According to the Project Jake survey results, of 1,594 dogs given a flea treatment (1,325 of which contained isoxazoline), 66.6% were reported to have experienced an adverse event, including muscle tremors, ataxia (loss of muscle control), seizures and death
  • Whenever possible, consider using safe, nontoxic alternatives to protect your pet from pests

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