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The Magical Journey of a Kitten's Life

If you find yourself lucky enough to care for the tiniest of kittens, you're in for an unforgettable experience. What's it like to pick up a one-week-old kitten? Have they even opened their eyes yet? Discover when a kitten's true personality emerges and when they're ready to come home with you.

kitten development


  • In just eight weeks, kittens go through major developmental changes that take them from newborns, with eyes closed and ears folded, to fully weaned kitty
  • At 1 week, kittens’ eyes are closed and claws are non-retractable; they’re about double their birth weight and will be very sleepy
  • By 3 weeks, kittens begin to explore and walk around their environment. Some may even explore their litter box or show interest in toys
  • With vision fully developed, and a sense of adventure emerging, 5-week-old kittens grow more independent each day, and their individual personalities may begin to show
  • By weeks 7 and 8, kittens continue to transition into miniature versions of their adult selves and will run, jump and climb as much as possible

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