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How Old Is Old for Your Cat?

Have you ever wondered how old your pet is in human years? Cats don't mature in the same linear fashion we do. During certain times, they age faster. Here's how your vet guesses your pet's age, and 5 ways to help your pet beat the odds.

cats age in human years


  • If you’re wondering how old your cat is in human years, it’s important to note that kitties mature very rapidly compared to us — especially from birth to around age 6
  • With excellent care, many cats can live happy, healthy lives into their late teens or early 20s
  • To help your kitty live to a ripe old age, feed a nutritionally balanced, biologically appropriate diet and keep her lean and physically fit with daily exercise
  • It’s also important to protect your cat from over-vaccination, and to keep him indoors while also providing him with safe, supervised adventures outside

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