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New Life-Saving Treatment Slashes Parvo Mortality Rate and Recovery Times

Not much strikes terror in the heart of a dog lover as much as parvo. Now there's a new effective treatment. If, God forbid, your pup gets parvo, request it from your veterinarian. It's not widely known yet, but is safe with no adverse effects. And could save Fido's life.

fmt helping dogs survive parvo


  • Parvovirus is a deadly infection that attacks the GI tract of puppies and dogs; historically, treatment for the virus has been purely supportive
  • A recently published study of FMT to treat parvo in puppies concluded the procedure significantly reduced mortality rates and recovery time
  • The study also showed that FMT is a safe procedure with no adverse effects
  • Despite its effectiveness, safety and low cost, FMT isn’t yet a widely used veterinary procedure to treat parvo or other GI-related conditions
  • FMT has been used by indigenous cultures around the world for centuries as a means of controlling potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal infections

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