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Expert Shares Tips When Caring for Cats With Kidney Disease

What's the right amount of protein for a cat with kidney disease? Feline-focused practitioner Dr. Lisa Pierson answers this question and more, and shares her amazingly simple do-it-yourself technique for checking the health of your cat's kidneys.

Dr. Lisa Pierson

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  • Today’s Cat Week guest is veterinarian Dr. Lisa Pierson, creator of the superb website
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the no. 1 medical condition in cats today. It could be linked to the FVRCP vaccine, which is why it’s so important not to over-vaccinate
  • Dr. Lisa wants to send the message that protein is NOT the enemy of cat kidneys, and that low-protein diets are NOT species-appropriate for felines
  • She has had great success treating CKD cats with carb-free homemade diets that are about 40 percent protein calories and 60 percent fat calories, plus appropriate supplements, especially fish oil
  • If your cat has CKD, it’s important not to force pills or fluids or other treatments on her. Instead, honor her wishes and focus not on her illness, but on the time you have left with her

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