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Orthodox Wisdom Says to Restrict This as Your Pet Ages — Study Says Don’t

Retired veterinary nutritionist proved that even in animals with kidney failure, restricting this failed to improve health or longevity. In fact, the more it was restricted, the sicker these animals became. But here's the new caveat that keeps getting ignored.

feeding senior cats


  • If you have a senior cat in the family, it’s important to routinely re-evaluate her diet to ensure you’re meeting the dynamically changing needs of her aging body
  • Out: Feeding older cats reduced protein diets. In: Feeding older cats a moisture-rich diet loaded with high-quality protein. Research shows cats actually need more protein as they age, not less
  • The quality, digestibility and biologic value of the protein in your cat’s diet is extremely important
  • The best food for cats of all ages is a nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate fresh food diet

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