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For Your Pet’s Sake, Don’t Touch This Prescription Food With a 10-Foot Pole

Many veterinarians like to recommend this type of food for this rampant health condition, but I consider it a big mistake. It's poor-quality protein - the last thing these pets need. Since this problem is so huge (affects half of this population over a certain age), here's what I recommend instead.

chronic kidney disease in cats


  • One common and preventable trigger for the epidemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats is a processed dry food diet
  • The prescription “renal diets” recommended by many veterinarians are also dry processed diets that provide very little moisture and poor-quality protein to kitty patients in desperate need of food loaded with moisture and animal protein
  • Ideally, CKD cats should be fed excellent-quality, fresh food diets formulated specifically to address renal disease
  • There are also natural supplements that can be very beneficial for cats with CKD

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