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Are You Unknowingly Feeding Your Pet Carcinogens?

This research scientist made an alarming discovery - he detected carcinogens through hair analysis on his own dogs. Knowing he didn't feed his pets grilled steaks or burgers, he set out to discover why. What he found out will alarm you about what you're very likely feeding your own dog or cat.

unknowingly feeding pet carcinogens - Dr. Robert Turesky

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  • Today I’m talking with Dr. Robert Turesky, a research scientist who tested for and discovered cooked meat carcinogens in his dogs’ fur, and went on to publish his findings in a scientific journal
  • Dr. Turesky’s dogs were on a poultry-based kibble diet, and he concluded that both dry and poultry-based pet foods are a problem — especially since many pets are eating this type of diet twice a day, every day of their lives
  • This week I’m raising funds for an organization I co-founded called CANWI — the Companion Animal Nutrition and Wellness Institute
  • The money we raise will be used to fund urgently needed, unbiased pet nutrition research on how processed versus fresh food affects the health and longevity of animal companions
  • CANWI will receive no funding from big donors, the government or the pet food industry — all funding must come from pet parents

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