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The Strange Rot That’s Killing Dogs — What You Need to Know

This bacteria-related condition was first seen in the US but is now spreading across the UK. Know the first signs to look for so you can get immediate treatment (which is limited in the traditional community), before it progresses to kidney failure.

alabama rot


  • A strange and potentially fatal canine disease called Alabama rot, scientific name idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), is spreading across the U.K.
  • CRGV was first identified in U.S. racing Greyhounds during the 1980s, and was thought to be related to bacterial toxins produced by E. coli
  • The U.K. cases seem unrelated to E. coli, and may instead be linked to bacteria from rotting vegetation or in streams or ponds
  • The primary symptoms are red patches of skin and/or ulcers on the skin, which can be followed in the most serious cases by kidney damage and potentially, kidney failure
  • U.K. veterinarians are advising dog owners to wash off woodland mud after walking their pets, and keeping a careful watch for skin redness or lesions that should be reported to a veterinarian right away

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